Our Customers

At Cornerstone, we understand that our customers are the most important aspect of our business. Our customers will ultimately decide whether or not we are able to meet our objectives and achieve our desired goals. This belief is the reason why we treat all our customers with respect, dignity, and understanding. We make no distinctions between the smallest of independent operators and the largest corporations. Each customer receives the same level of service, commitment and attention. While looking for quality Used Industrial Laundry Equipment, you can be assured of quality customer service from the people at Cornerstone Equipment & Rigging.

Our customers represent all segments of the laundry industry. They come from the hospitality, healthcare, industrial, food, and beverage, on premise and dry cleaning markets. Each have their own unique requirements when purchasing a used or reconditioned piece of equipment. We know that what works for one customer may not work for another and we use this understanding to ensure you get what you need and want.

Our focus is not only on what we can do for you today. We know that a satisfied customer today is more likely to consider us again. We want to earn your trust and develop a working relationship that benefits your company and ours as well; for today and the future. Our industry is one of constant growth and change. Throughput capacity, production processes, quality standards, energy costs, labor costs, environmental controls; these are just some of the things that will inevitably change with time. We can help you meet the challenge of adapting to change and maintaining your profitability during times of growth.